Moving In

Welcome everyone, especially those of you who aspire to overcome your fears in order to live the life God meant you to live! If you are a dreamer and have a “compelling why” to achieve something great for God, you are in the right spot.

A year ago, I purchased this little “cottage home” on cyberspace lane and now I am ready to invite people over for coffee to talk about the important issues of the heart: your vision, your hopes and dreams, your fears and your plan to be transformed as you face them in order to live out your calling.

I have been working all year to get in shape, become a Board Certified Life Coach, and to overcome my fear of public speaking in order to serve you well.  I will keep my doors open for you and a fresh pot of coffee on when you come for a visit. May it warm your soul and help you to keep moving forward.

See you soon!





How is God inviting you to, “Leap” this leap year? For me, He’s asking me to grow in confidence. I have felt fat for over two years now so I am leaping (literally) into a 10-week kick-box body shaping class. Being 7 weeks in, I have learned some new healthy habits and have a smaller tummy according to my four year old.

I have also come to dislike my fear of public speaking enough to leap (or maybe tiptoe) into a group called Toastmasters whose goal is to help people find their confidence as they learn the art of public speaking. Eek!

Finally, over 12 years ago, I dreamed of becoming a life-coach but am just now making it a priority to get my certification. 2016 will be the year I become a licensed professional and certified Christian Coach. I am leaping and it feels great!

How about you? Any leaps you want to take in your faith, your career, your  marriage, your ministry? Sit down with your journal and pour out your desires to your Father. He wants to know your heart and has a plan to guide you. He will catch you as you leap into His arms. Go for it! Where will you be this day four years from now?

Owning a Home in Cyberspace!

How strange it sounds to own real estate in space and even more strange to know I need to decorate and personalize it! I recently purchased Bloom Life Vision Coaching from Cheri Maben-Crouch. What a lovely spunky lady she is; full of love and encouragement. Now that she sold it to me, I am trying to figure out where I should put my furniture and how to set it up to reflect my personality. I am all about cozy and “cottagy”, practical and hospitable. When you come to visit, I hope you can sit a while and enjoy a cup of joe, receive some encouragement for your heart, and leave feeling equipped to know what a super awesome rock star you are!

Please pardon my dust as I move in and get things set up. Pretty soon, I will host a housewarming party and show you around. In the meantime, you can still visit Cheri at She would love to have you stop by for a visit.

Thank you,
Kathy Swigle