Moving In

Welcome everyone, especially those of you who aspire to overcome your fears in order to live the life God meant you to live! If you are a dreamer and have a “compelling why” to achieve something great for God, you are in the right spot.

A year ago, I purchased this little “cottage home” on cyberspace lane and now I am ready to invite people over for coffee to talk about the important issues of the heart: your vision, your hopes and dreams, your fears and your plan to be transformed as you face them in order to live out your calling.

I have been working all year to get in shape, become a Board Certified Life Coach, and to overcome my fear of public speaking in order to serve you well.  I will keep my doors open for you and a fresh pot of coffee on when you come for a visit. May it warm your soul and help you to keep moving forward.

See you soon!




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